2023 Market Recap


The real estate landscape in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties in 2023 showcased dynamic trends in average sale prices, days on market (DOM), and overall market activity. A closer look reveals nuanced patterns that provide valuable insights for homebuyers, sellers, and investors navigating the ever-evolving real estate market.

Charleston County: A Flourishing Market
– Started with an average sale price of $734k, indicating a robust market.
– Low median DOM of 5 days in June highlighted rapid property turnover.
– Closed the year at $763k, maintaining a dynamic market.

Berkeley County: Adjusting to Market Fluctuations
– Began with an average sale price of $518k, showcasing affordability.
– Median DOM of 12 days in June indicated increased demand.
– Closed the year at $468k, attracting a broader buyer pool.

Dorchester County: A Balancing Act
– Began the year at $351k, presenting an affordable market.
– Median DOM of 12 days in June suggested heightened demand.
– Ended the year at $368k, maintaining affordability.

Overall MLS Insights: Comprehensive Overview
– Started at an average sale price of $546k, reflecting a balanced market.
– Closed the year at $583k, indicating resilience and growth.

The real estate trends in 2023 across these counties reveal an adaptable market offering diverse opportunities. Charleston County maintains robustness, Berkeley County adjusts to fluctuations, and Dorchester County strikes a balance. The overall MLS market indicates resilience and growth, painting a promising outlook for those navigating the real estate landscape in the Lowcountry.