A Brief History of Isle of Palms

A common theme among the Lowcountry, Isle of Palms was once home to the Seewee Indians. They were welcoming to the first settlers, even helping them come onto shore. Once known as Hunting Island, and then Long Island, the island officially became recognized as the Isle of Palms in 1899. 


It wasn’t until the late 1800s that the first permanent residents moved onto Isle of Palms. Shortly after in 1906, a resort style hotel was build on the island to accommodate those looking to get some respite from the summertime heat. 


In 1946, J.C. Long purchased most of the island. At this time, there was a bridge link that had been constructed as well, making the island more accessible from other areas of the coast. A notable thing to mention here is that J.C. Long ended up constructing residential homes as low-cost housing for veterans. This was one of the first residential sparks that contributed to the population increase in IOP.


In the 1970s, what is today known as Wild Dunes, a resort style community was built and contributed to the already heavy vacation lifestyle that could be found on the Island. Today, Wild Dunes is known for its nationally recognized golf courses and luxury resort-style amenities.