Awendaw’s Natural Roots

The Town of Awendaw was founded in 1696 by settlers migrating down from Salem Massachusetts after the Salem Witch Trials. Named “Wappetaw” originally, Awendaw became home to many people who wanted to get away from the executions and accusations of this famous event. 


Today, the people of Awendaw are just as laid-back as their predecessors. With the popular Seewee Restaurant off of Highway 17, the family friendly tree-top zip-lining, and a general sense of welcoming community, there’s no reason we’ve seen an increase in the area’s popularity. 


Awendaw has only recently gained its title of “Town” with its first mayor, William H. Alston, being elected in 1992. It’s located against the back of the Francis Marion National Forest, meaning that expansion of the town is limited. 

With numerous trail heads and nature-focused centers such as the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge and the Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center, Awendaw is sure to maintain the laid-back and welcoming feel for a long time.