Family Fun Year-Round

Whether you’re new to Charleston or have lived here for quite some time, there’s always the question about how to fill your time on the weekends.

If you’re an outdoorsy person like me, then you’ve got to check out ALL of the Charleston County Parks. There are parks scattered all around the county in convenient, easy to access locations. Each of them are different enough that you’ll never get tired of exploring the nature Charleston has to offer!

For kids & toddlers:

The best playgrounds are definitely at James Island County Park and Wannamaker Park in North Charleston. Our kids love playing around for a while before heading off to wear the rest of their energy out on the trails. There are separate playgrounds at each for younger kids and the older kids!

For four legged friends:

There are dog parks in nearly all of these parks. James Island County Park definitely has one of the largest with a waterfront area where your dog is more than welcome to swim around in the waters!

Wannamaker recently updated their dog park and we definitely rate it five stars. With more space for your pooch to run around, the fenced in area is shaded with picnic tables so you can watch your dogs play and socialize! They also have a smaller section designed for small dogs, too.

Fishing & water sports!

For fishing and fun in the water, we’ve got a few favorites. Palmetto Islands County Park has a beautiful view over the marsh while you can sit and relax with a pole in your hand. James Island County Park has saltwater and freshwater fishing spots with gorgeous views.

Most of the parks also have kayak rentals that can make for a great date idea. James Island County Park and Wannamaker Park both have kayak rentals and pedal boating. We find the latter super fun with kids.

Special Events

Not only are the parks fun for every day, there are also some major events that are a BLAST. If you’ve never been to the James Island County Park’s Festival of Lights, you’ve got to add this to your list. It’s absolutely a great way to spend an evening (but make sure you bring snacks for the car ride)!

Some other super fun events that you’ll need to check out:

The Harvest Festival

Latin American Festival

Lowcountry Cajun Festival

Reggae Nights Summer Concert Series

During the summer, there are splash parks, the most notable being the Splash Zone in James Island and Whirlin Waters in Wannamaker! These are great for kids of all ages, and don’t forget about their special days where you can bring your dog to play around in the water!

If you love the parks…

There’s a Gold Pass! While most parks charge $2 per person coming into the park, the county offers a pass so you can visit all of the parks, get into events, and enjoy exploring for a single price per year! Starting as low as $60 for seniors, and as high as $90 for those who don’t live in Charleston County, this is an incredible deal. That’s 365 days of fun!