How Does Zillow Actually Work?

Zillow is a popular online real estate marketplace that connects homebuyers and sellers with real estate agents, lenders, and other industry professionals. One of the ways that consumers can connect with real estate agents is by submitting a request through Zillow’s platform. Here is what happens when a consumer submits a request through Zillow:

1. The request is sent to a local real estate agent
When a consumer submits a request for information about a property or to schedule a showing, Zillow sends the request to a local real estate agent who is a member of its Premier Agent program.

2. The agent contacts the consumer
Once the agent receives the request, they will typically contact the consumer by phone or email to introduce themselves and answer any questions the consumer may have. If the consumer is interested in viewing a property, the agent will typically arrange a time for a showing.

3. Zillow tracks the agent’s response time and quality
Zillow tracks the response time and quality of the agent’s follow-up to the consumer’s request. Agents who respond quickly and provide helpful information to the consumer are more likely to receive future leads from Zillow.

4. The agent may continue to work with the consumer
If the consumer is interested in working with the agent, the agent will typically continue to provide them with information about properties that meet their needs and assist them throughout the homebuying or selling process. However, consumers are not obligated to work with the agent who contacted them through Zillow and are free to work with any real estate agent they choose.

Overall, submitting a request through Zillow can be a convenient way to connect with a local real estate agent and get information about properties for sale. However, it is important for consumers to be aware that the agents who contact them through Zillow are not necessarily the best or most qualified agents in their area, and they should do their own research and interview multiple agents before choosing one to work with.