Mount Pleasant’s Culture-Rich History

Before American settlers even arrived, what would eventually be known as Mount Pleasant was home to two American Indian tribes. The Wando Indians produced unique pottery from the Wando River and this type of pottery is only found in the Wando River Basin today. 

The Sewel, or Seewee, Indians resided in the East Cooper area. Hints of their history can be seen scattered throughout Mount Pleasant, plastered on street signs or names of local businesses.


While Mount Pleasant has certainly erupted into a popular choice for so many different reasons, it hasn’t lost the charm that you’d expect a small town to have. While there are many chains in the area now, there are just as many mom & pops with small businesses that truly make Mount Pleasant a unique place to live. 


Some of the most popular homes in Mount Pleasant can be found in the Old Village, named appropriately as it was one of the original settlements in the town. Once farmland where the residents raised their own livestock and harvested their own food, the Old Village now boasts beautiful homes, some with coveted and gorgeous marshfront views. 


With World War II, Mount Pleasant saw its first population boom. There was a stronger military presence that brought about more residents and an improvement in services. Mail was delivered to the area starting in just 1953, allowing more people access to keep in touch with family and making the area a more popular area for residents to make it a place to call home.


Mount Pleasant still maintains a lot of its original roots as a resort style getaway, offering convenience and amenities to its residents and those that dwell in surrounding areas. Between 1970 and 2000, the population exploding, jumping from around 14,000 inhabitants to nearly 50,000 in the span of thirty years. With the explosion came more hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and amenities, adding to the already rich and populous community. It officially became the fourth largest city in South Carolina in 2010.