Poetic History of Sullivan’s Island

The Town of Sullivan’s Island has a unique history. The area was once used as a quarantine area for incoming passengers to prevent the spread of illness in the larger parts of South Carolina. On the Island, you can find Fort Moultrie, which has a rich history of its own. The Fort played a pivotal role in the Revolutionary War and has been updated throughout the years to accommodate for new technologies in war. 


In present day, the Fort is one of the more popular tourist attractions of the island. Visitors can see the evolution of the fort through time and see the roles that it played in each of the major war events. The lighthouse on the island is the only functioning part of what once was a prolific military fort. It welcomes ships ashore into the harbor.


Today visitors can enjoy eating at local restaurants like Poe’s Tavern, named after Edgar Allen Poe. He was stationed on the island for just over a year, but certainly left his mark on the community. Several of his works were said to have been inspired by his stay on the island, including “The Gold-Bug” and “The Balloon Hoax”. Annabel Lee, one of his poems, is said to have been based off of a girl that he fell in love with during his stay on Fort Moultrie. While driving through the island, visitors will see streets with names that pay tribute to Poe and his many works.